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My mother always said that creative minds think alike.  I believe she was right even though I sometimes feel there is a disconnect between what the creative mind wants to write and what the reader wants to read.

I believe in writing as if you, the reader, was holding the pen.  This is not an easy job – sort of like swimming against the tide.  But who wants to be bored with the dramatic drivel of a mind that is bordering on genius with a toe or two into the realm of  insanity?

I can take your reader to that point where they are loving every word on the page or screen and they feel as if they had conjured up the conversation themselves.  This is the best selling tool in the industry – appeal to their wants and desires and leave the boring, professional sentences to the mathematicians and scientists – your reader is a real person. They deserve to be humored, respected and validated.

My methods may seem unconventional but being conventional = boring and boring = no interest.  Color outside the lines, rock the boat but be respectful, truthful and genuine.  Then the equation = success.

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