Who am I?  Never stuck for words……I heard someone describe me in this way sometime during the most hectic time of my life in the 1980s.  It was a gift I must have inherited from my mother and her mother and all the way back to that great Irish gypsy lady who was my great-great-great, etc grandmother – unfortunately she was not able to talk her way out of being burned at the stake for being a witch!  She was in fact, a psychic of the most awesome persuasion – easily misconstrued as witchcraft when you are a traveling gypsy with your Spanish husband and your seven Spanish pirate sons. Oh, what a colorful life she must have led before she ran out of words just as the flames were lit!

I delayed my pursuit of using words to make a living until I was almost half way through my life.  I had spent 3 or 4 years in my 20s writing freelance articles for horse magazines and was quite successful but then life got in the way and I lost my muse for many years.  She came back to me briefly when I wrote the eulogy for my mother’s funeral and that is when I got the clear message to carry on with putting pen to paper.  I have now been writing professionally again for the past 15 years.

As a published author in the print and digital world, I am making use of my storage banks of life experience and business knowledge to not only write for a wide variety of print and online magazines but to also exercise my passion for creating riveting fiction in the form of short stories. Oh yes, and I have a work-in-progress novel (don’t we all?).

I have a particular dedication to creating memoirs for seniors who have such wonderful life stories.  It is such a shame for those memories to not be recorded for, and enjoyed by, family and friends.  I include mentoring for seniors who wish to pursue writing of their own in their advancing years – exercising the mind and feeling like they have a purpose is what keeps them young…..as it does all of us!

So I don’t just do my own thing!  I write for others too.  Do you have a story just itching to be told but you can’t find the “write” way to get it done?  Or do you have a loved one whose colorful life is just too much fun or too interesting to not be recorded for future generations?  Drop me an email at plane2pen@gmail.com or message me in the contact form below and we can chat about what you are hoping to achieve.  I am grateful every day for the gift I received of the ability to create stories that enhance the lives of readers – let me help you put your thoughts to work!

See my What Have I Done? page for more information on the type of work I do and where my work has been published.