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This is my feel-good story from our house to yours, published today in Life As A Human.  Merry Christmas to everyone!  May 2014 be one of mindfulness, peace and learning to live a healthy co-existence with our blessed planet.

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Cold and Hungry

Cold and Hungry

Hello and welcome to my blog once again!  Due to recent near-death experiences within my family unit, I became very interested in the afterlife and have started looking at things with a much more open mind to other-world possibilities.  As a fan of Stephen King and The Dark Tower series, I made a connection between the best selling author and 3 men of history – Galileo, Newton and Einstein.  All had the same open-minded view of life and an insatiable curiosity to try and discover what else was “running along beside us.”  This article, recently published in Life As A Human, is my take on the mystery that we have as constant companions and why we should be opening our hearts and minds to the possibilities.

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Misc 011

When I used to moan about not wanting to get old, my Dad would wisely say to me, “The alternative isn’t so great my dear.”  Geez, I sure miss that wonderful man with his well-timed words to set me back on track.

I recently experienced a rude awakening as a reminder that gravity is an unforgiving mistress and needed to give myself permission to laugh at the circumstances.  The alternative of lamenting my encroaching years, falling into a deep depression and feeling shamed just did not seem to be something dear old Dad would have said to be the best choice.

Duck stuffed in kayak

Stuck Duck

This story about choosing to find the funny has brought some levity and laughs to others who have had similar experiences, who understand the challenge of growing older and wider (no, that is not a typo, I did not mean wiser) and even those who have yet to reach that cruel stage of life.  But this “cruel stage of life” is a gift from a Higher Power so I will gratefully accept it with all it’s aches, pains and gravity-induced shifts in body and metabolism.

I am a regular author for Life As A Human, a human interest magazine for evolving minds, so many thanks to my editor, Gil Namur, for helping me share this with our readers.  I hope you enjoy my story and burn off a few calories with a belly laugh!

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