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Hello again followers! Thank you for hanging in while I navigate this new me and new world that has a hole in it from the physical absence of my daughter Erin. I feel fortunate to have come into a term from one of our Healing Hearts meetings that has been so helpful in dealing with others and understanding my own frequent and painful returns to the raw early days of grieving. It has been published on the Healing Hearts blog through Moms Stop The Harm and I’ve shared it on Life As A Human because I think anyone grieving the loss of someone will find solace and understanding. Please read and share:

It’s been a long time followers. I lost my writing muse along with my daughter September 23, 2018 and the heaviness of this burden of grief is not getting less but I am distributing it better, recognizing it and incorporating it into the new me. It’s okay not to be okay but I am doing my best and I have much to write about with an eye to perhaps advocating for a better world. Here is my story written for Life As A Human, the Human Interest Magazine for Evolving Mind. And isn’t that just what we do? Each experience evolves us.

A recent conversation around the lunch table got me thinking about how Christmas can bring not only anticipation, joy and gratitude but it can also be a fresh, painful reminder that many of us will be experience an empty place in our hearts and at our dinner tables.  It inspired me to re-post the story I wrote after my Dad passed away.  I had the sad, yet oh-so-special privilege of being with him in his final moments.  Removing myself from that natural selfish place where I wanted to plead with him not to go was so hard.  But for his sake, I had to go to a better place and let him know it was okay to leave us forever.  We were going to be okay.  But every Christmas, I miss him…….this is a very personal piece of work and I hope it helps anyone who may soon be facing this ache in their hearts.

Originally published in Life As A Human on August 24, 2012 – this is the story of sacrifice, letting go, missing and accepting.

Please click here:  The Gate

When I saw this article about Arnon Grunberg undergoing an experiment that involved being encased in a multi-electrode skull cap (not to mention the oh-so-tiny and cramped room in which he was writing), my teeth started to hurt!  I cannot even have my hair in a ponytail as it feels like too much pressure, thereby staunching the creative flow.  Good for him – I look forward to the results!

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