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A recent conversation around the lunch table got me thinking about how Christmas can bring not only anticipation, joy and gratitude but it can also be a fresh, painful reminder that many of us will be experience an empty place in our hearts and at our dinner tables.  It inspired me to re-post the story I wrote after my Dad passed away.  I had the sad, yet oh-so-special privilege of being with him in his final moments.  Removing myself from that natural selfish place where I wanted to plead with him not to go was so hard.  But for his sake, I had to go to a better place and let him know it was okay to leave us forever.  We were going to be okay.  But every Christmas, I miss him…….this is a very personal piece of work and I hope it helps anyone who may soon be facing this ache in their hearts.

Originally published in Life As A Human on August 24, 2012 – this is the story of sacrifice, letting go, missing and accepting.

Please click here:  The Gate

When I saw this article about Arnon Grunberg undergoing an experiment that involved being encased in a multi-electrode skull cap (not to mention the oh-so-tiny and cramped room in which he was writing), my teeth started to hurt!  I cannot even have my hair in a ponytail as it feels like too much pressure, thereby staunching the creative flow.  Good for him – I look forward to the results!

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